Rotary R180 PRO 3D AUTO

3D Technology

Electronic wheel balancer with microprocessor

Automode – After lowering the hood the sonar automatically detects wheel dimension.

  • The laser scans rim profile
  • Balancing program is auto selected
  • Adhesive weights are positioned and memorized
  • Wheel spoke quantities are checked and position for proper location of hidden weights is located
  • Easily switch readout from ounces to grams
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Rotary R180Pro 3D Auto

Equipped with Auto Wheel Dimension Sonar and Laser Rim Scanner

Perfect balancing with maximum speed and precision.

Automatic Balancing Mode – The R180 saves time and material cost.  Faster efficient balancing reduces wheel weight consumption while reducing spins and repositioning time lost.  Interactive screen output identifies hidden weight location position, provides detailed analysis for precision weight placement.

Automatic Lock In Position – automatic start when the cover is lowered.

Monitor Keyboard – linked directly to a standard monitor, this durable touch-pad allows for a “gloved” input with the convenience of a touch screen monitor.

Guided Balancing Procedure – The functions related to each key vary according to use and are identified by icons on the display for easier understanding.  Residual static readings are displayed throughout service functions.

Laser Wheel Scanner – The laser pointer indicates the exact positioning for weights.

Standard Accessories – GAR111- passenger tire cone kit (1.75″ – 4″), Caliper and pliers, GAR345 – large quick nut replacement lock, GAR112 – light truck cone (3.75″ – 5″)


Additional information


Rim Diameter: 10"-30" automatic
Rim Width: 1.5"-22"
Max. tire diameter: 44"
Maximum assembly weight: 176 lbs. (80kg)
Read out accuracy: 1 g
Cycle time: 6 seconds
Rotation speed: (rpm) <100
Power supply 110v/ 60 Hz/ 1PH

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