GRACO 26C064 Waste Oil Evacuation System with 24 gal (90 l) Steel Tank, Suction Probes, Sight Glass, Oil Drain Funnel and Adapters

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Large Offset Collection Pan – Wide offset collection bowl prevents splashing

Vacuum Gauge – Ensure peak performance with easy-to-read vacuum gauge

Sight Glass – Inspect oil quality via large, clear evacuation chamber and verify amount extracted

Easy to Drain – Pressurize using shop air for easy oil evacuation

Vacuum Probes – Variety of flexible suction attachments and adapters included.

Large 24 Gallon (90 l) Capacity Receiver – Perfect for small to large shops without an evacuation system.

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Vacuum-Assisted Oil Collection System

Large capacity collection systems make removing drain plugs a thing of the past.  Oil Ace models with optional sight chamber offer the technician a visual indication of the waste fluid quantity.  This technology reduces the threat of costly damages caused by over – or under-torquing or cross-threading drain plugs.

  • Fluid – Used Oil
  • Tank Capacity – 24 gallon (90 l)
  • Evacuation – Pressurized
  • Receiver Material – Steel
  • Length – 24 in
  • Width – 16 in
  • Height – 39 to 70.8 in
  • Funnel size – 23.8 in
  • Comes with suction probes, adapter, sight glass and oil drain funnel

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